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Why free?

Impact Telecom is FREE to enable our clients to take advantage of our highly competitive call rates. It’s a cloud-based solution so there are no hosting or storage costs, no set-up costs and no hardware to pay for. Many alternative PBX solutions rely on previous generation hardware and technology that forces suppliers to charge their clients a premium. Switching to our service is simple and hassle-free and will always be a FREE service.

No set-up cost

No hosting cost

No hardware cost

No maintenance cost

Packed with features

Unlimited extensions and concurrent calls
Integrate with any CRM, CTI and Click2call
Free smartphone and desktop apps
Many UCs like voicemail, Instant messaging
WebTRC video and conference calls
Call transcripts using natural language processing
Compatible with any desk phone
Simple, hassle-free set-up

Where AI means business

ImpactCloud PBX gives you access to our powerful AI-driven tools

Sentiment Analysis

Your employees engage in countless conversations. Through sentiment analysis you can understand what your customers are saying, not just what they tell you. Our tools reveal the mood of your clients. Your business can focus on what makes your clients happy which leads to better communications which results in better business outcomes.

Compliance monitoring

Protecting brand reputation has never been more important in today’s highly connected world. Dissatisfied customers tell 9-15 people about their experience and 86% of them will not do business with that company again. Our compliance monitoring tool uses natural language processing and machine learning to protect and enhance your brand.

Predictive analytics

Every business would like to see into the future. The next best thing is predictive analytics which provide actionable insights about the future based on data. Our tools can forecast customer behavior to boost sales through lead forecasting, drive more effective campaigns and increase efficiency throughout your organisation.

Out-of-the-box integration with your favourite products

Scalable API architecture makes integration hassle-free

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