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Impact Telecom is offered as a FREE service to enable our clients to take advantage of our highly competitive call rates. It’s a cloud-based solution so there are no hosting or set-up costs and no hardware to pay for. Many alternative PBX solutions rely on previous generation hardware and technology that forces suppliers to charge their clients a premium. Switching to our service is simple and hassle-free and will always be offered to our clients as a FREE service.

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Why Impact Telecom

Sentiment Analysis

Collect data from every channel to increase personalisation

Happy customers are loyal customers. Loyal customers boost profits and have a greater lifetime value. Sentiment Analysis reveals what makes your customers happy. Our telephony platform collects and analyses data to highlight what keywords lead to sales. Sentiment Analysis also pinpoints the interactions that lead to client unhappiness to help agents avoid repeating the same actions. The platform ‘learns’ from the data collected and becomes more precise in its understanding about what actions result in a happy, loyal client using your feedback through Continual Learning and delivers insights that result in higher converting campaigns.

Tier 1 suppliers

Connect directly to the world’s top Telcos

Our superior service is built on the long-standing partnerships we have with the world’s biggest Telcos including BT, T-Mobile, TATA and BICS. Wherever your business operates and the territories you target, you will always have access to the highest call quality through our cloud-based telephony platform.

A local presence everywhere

Our service brings you closer to your clients

Wherever you are based, your clients can call your business on a local number, removing the hurdle of incurring international call rates. Inbound calls are automatically directed to a representative who speaks the native language from where the call originated. Through our telephony platform, every territory you target is a lot closer and connecting to clients becomes much easier.


Secure by design

Let us handle the security and ensure high availability of your telephony

The digital age has brought businesses countless benefits but with them also comes the need for security that can cope with threats to productivity and connectivity. With our telephony platform, you will not incur additional security expenses because you are using highly secure technology that is monitored by our engineers 24/7 to protect you from the threats other telephony platforms are vulnerable from.

Unlimited extensions

We can handle as many calls as you need to make and take

With our cloud-based telephony platform, your business can grow without incurring additional costs for the number of new extensions or simultaneous calls. Connect all your company’s offices from around the world to the same system to monitor and scale effortlessly.


Out-of-the-box integration with your favourite products

Scalable API architecture makes integration hassle-free