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Increase customer satisfaction
Lower customer churn
Highest Quality of Service
Best compliance & brand protection
Improved efficiency & productivity
Higher First Contact Resolution (FCR)

Superior customer experience means business

Our Call Centre solution provides every tool needed to turn prospects into satisfied customers. Happy customers repeat business and become messengers for your services.

Great customer experience increases profits and lowers lead acquisition cost.

Impact Speech Intelligence

With Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Sentiment Analysis

One of the toughest tasks call centre team leads face is monitoring conversations between agents and customers. It’s impossible to listen in on every call but now every call can be transcribed in real time and to understand the mood, sentiment, and tone of customer conversations throughout the customer journey by adding Impact Speech Intelligence to Impact PBX.

This makes every call searchable for keyword usage and Sentiment Analysis can help to identify calls that need closer inspection and agents who need additional training. Impact Speech Intelligence can also help to identify the best performing agents so that other agents can improve by revealing key metrics like talk-to-listen ratio.

Customer satisfaction for our call centre solution

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We had several telecoms providers before to cover all countries we are operating in. With Impact Tech we only deal with one and achieved worldwide coverage and the best call rates!

CTO, Admiral Markets UK Ltd
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It is so easy to get started with Impact Telecoms. Quick setup, start making calls. Another plus, we saved more than 40% on communications costs.

Apostolos Apostolou, Head of IT Department, NordFX
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The marketing and sales support we have received from Impact Tech has been excellent and has been extremely helpful to us.


Cut costs and increase profits

Save on

Staff and Resources
Staff and Resources
Cloud Contact Center - save on Hardware and Infrastructure
Hardware and Infrastructure
Cloud Contact Center – no hosting/storage fees
Running costs – no hosting/storage fees
Cloud Contact Center - low global call rates
Call Costs – low global call rates
Cloud Contact Center - Save on Initial Investment and ongoing licencing
Initial Investment and ongoing licencing
Cloud Contact Center - Save on Office Space
Office Space – work anywhere

Benefits of smart management tools

To achieve industry leading customer service requires managers to access tools that give them real-time feedback about how their team is performing.
Our contact centre solution helps managers to identify what actions are needed to deliver the best customer experience and increase employee efficiency.

Cloud Contact Center management tools

Speech to Text

Convert call recordings into text to improve quality control and advanced analytics


Listen in on calls for policy checking, agent training and to easily escalate issues to managers

Performance Tracking

Use data analytics to reveal the best performing team members and use top performers for agent training

Custom Dashboards

Get real-time data on business-critical metrics like agent, queue and contact centre stats

Budget Control

Monitor budget in real-time and other metrics like calls, location and call destinations


Motivate agents with performance tracking visuals and monitor call centre metrics like sales volume per office or agent

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