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Why does your company still pay too much for calls?

Make cheaper calls. Switch to our call services and profit from huge cost savings without compromising quality. Our superior service is built on long-standing partnerships with the world’s biggest Telcos including BT, T-Mobile, TATA and BICS. Wherever your business operates and the territories you target, you will always have access to the highest call quality through our cloud-based telephony platform. Give your company a local presence globally with local phone numbers in more than 140 countries.

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Impact Telecom + Impact CRM

Expand Impact Telecom’s capabilities with the award-winning Impact CRM and personalise the customer experience. Connect every interaction with Impact CRM and deliver the insights your team needs to provide the best customer service through an easy-to-use single interface.

Impact Telecom + Impact AI

Bring the power of artificial intelligence to every part of your business with our AI-driven tools. Understand what makes your customers happy using sentiment analysis, avoid compliance issues and protect your brand with natural language processing and machine learning.


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We had several telecoms providers before to cover all countries we are operating in. With Impact Tech we only deal with one and achieved worldwide coverage and the best call rates!

CTO, Admiral Markets UK Ltd
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It is so easy to get started with Impact Telecoms. Quick setup, start making calls. Another plus, we saved more than 40% on communications costs.

Apostolos Apostolou, Head of IT Department, NordFX
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The marketing and sales support we have received from Impact Tech has been excellent and has been extremely helpful to us.


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